How to make a perfect Coffee and Tea

Every tea or coffee lover should know, that to make tea or coffee with a boiling water is a big no no if you want to make you drink perfect and keep all the vitamins and all other good stuff in it.

So why this mistake by making your tea of coffee with boiling watter can destroy all good elements? Because there are specific max temperature for every hot beverage that you can use befor destroing it. If you like other milions of people used to do this – then there is no matter if you buy the most expensive tea or coffee – the result remains the same if you reboil it – you just drink a hot watter with some taste in it. But you don’t get all the good benefits of it, because to hot watter just destrois it.

So what is the maximum temperature for your favorite tea to boil and get the best of it? Here it is:

and here is the coffee:

205 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit, or 96 degrees Celsius).


To make the the perfect tea of coffee you can also consider to change your old kattle. And here comes the OKO list of the best ones on the market and youtube as well:

You can find them on Amazon here:

#10. Ivation Precision-Temp:

#9. Brentwood KT1785:

#8. Hamilton Beach 40893:

#7. T-fal Balanced Living:

#6. Breville SK500XL Ikon:

#5. Bonavita BV382510V:

#4. Capresso 259 H2O Plus:

#3. Secura SWK-1701DB:

#2. Electrolux Expressionist:

#1. Cuisinart PerfecTemp:

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