How To Stop Cancer, Depression and Alzheimer (Ultimate Recipe)

There are still no official proofs of cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s cure. But there are many living people that was recovered in many cases. I am one of them.

I had a great depression, my memory was very poor and I had a stomach erosion. Now it’s all gone gone. And overall I am a very happy person now.

On the bottom of the page I collected all the articles and videos that I could find about the cure of these 3 diseases. Hope you will find it helpfull!

So the secret is very simple – TURMERIC.

In fact there are quite a lot articles about its benefits and that it could cure even more diseases. But often it is forgotten to mention, that cures not a TURMERIC but a combination of 3 ingrediants: TURMERIC powder, oil and piperine. TURMERIC itself almost do not give any effect, because your body doesn’t absorb it alone and just flush it away. You need oil and piperine to absorb it. And you need the best quality turmeric powder (which is organic), best quality oil (which is organic cold pressed coconut oil) and black pepper (which is organic and contains the most piperine you can get).

And finaly here is my altomit receipt that is realy good taste and you will get the most benefit from it. (I used to drink turmeric tea, but after few weeks it becomes tasteless and hard to swollow). Here is my receipt:

Super Omelet with Turmeric ingredients LIST:

So first take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and consume it. You have it eat it raw, because by cooking on it all the benefits will be gone. Then heat up the pan and put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Mean while mix all the rest of the ingredients (eggs, turmeric, black pepper and cumin) with mixer and pour into a heated pan. Cook it for 5-7 minutes. You can add something for better taste on it like non-lactose cheese, spinach or any healthy sauce.

Here you go – you have the healthiest omelet in the world. Enjoy it as much as you can ant you will definitely feel better!

You can also change the dishes every day like one day you can take turmeric tea, second day you can take it turmeric omelet and then repeat it for a month. If you see good results after one month (I can almost guarantee that you will in one way or another) – take a two week pause and repeat it until you cure completely.

In addition: If you want to get even better results and cure twice as fast – cut the sugar (or at least change it to organic honey).

Hope my recipe helped You. Stay healthy!

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